It Gets Better

by Beggars

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All music & lyrics written by Beggars


released November 20, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Paul Hundeby

Mastered by Kris Crummett



all rights reserved


Beggars Florida

Rock N Roll from South FL

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Track Name: Naive Youth
It’s been fourteen long years, since i’ve been dead.
The struggle has never been so real to me.
And I can’t sleep, with all of these images.
Keeping me up, man I have such bad luck
when it comes to the things I can see.

I’m such a pig. Where have my morals all gone.
It’s just like Matt said, “Who I am hates who I’ve been”.
And I’m still trying to be, the man that I should be,
cos since I was young, I’ve been stupid and dumb,
and i’m so tired of saying sorry

But I know….

I’ll get better, I’ll get better
As the days go by, we all live and we die,
with the ways we waste our time
I’ll get better, I know that one day I’ll get better
Track Name: Buzzkill
Self-absorbed, pure ego machine.
I always knew I never could have trusted you, with this or anything.
We always knew you were a liar.

I was trying to hang on, when all we knew was gone.
I always let my guard down.
We’re taking back today, since everything has changed
And all our hard work is gone

Now you have everything, would you do it again?
And every word you said, now it makes perfect sense
We’re over it!

Fighting for, you behind closed doors,
blood sweat and tears that show this heart to run away,
with this or anything there's only so much I can do now.

Now that you have everything, would you do it all again? (We’ll be fine)
Every single word you said, now it all makes perfect sense. (We’ll be fine)

Don’t be a buzzkill, you’re not a big deal
Track Name: True North
words from Jon Krakauer's "Into the WIld"
Track Name: Foxbriar feat. Bo Campbell (In Motion)
Blue house at the end of the cul-de-sac.
I can never go, I can never go back.
Two story house on rose petal lane.
It never stayed, it never stayed the same.

Moved away from home, from a sex-crazed pastor
Didn’t want to leave, I knew we had to

That old house in Newberry,
depression set in and it took you hostage, it always took you
People change like seasons change, why can’t families remain the same
Without love, our lives are useless

My mom and dad paid the price, when they gave up, their own lives
To teach us what was right, when everything was wrong

I will never fail or forsake you, I will never leave or abandon you

Thirty years and six kids ago, life was so different it was so simple
Now you work, come home, without any motivation,
to be the spouse you’re supposed to be
Thirty years and six kids ago, you had lots of dreams and goals to fulfill
Now every day is a constant reminder, a distant memory
Track Name: Heart in Throat
I hate waking up early,
in fact the only thing that’s worth it,
is seeing your beautiful face before I leave, I love that.
The sunrise is not so bad,
but the sleep I could have had won’t pay my bills, my bills

I’m not the smartest or the brightest,
my heart is larger than my brain is
but in the end, nothing will matter then

So here we go again, heart in my throat again
Now every time it does, I can’t think

My tongue will always interrupt my brain,
my words have no affect on anything,
our chemistry, greater than symmetry
Words can never say, how I really feel about you
but in the end, nothing will matter then

So here we go again, heart in my throat again
Now every time it does, I can’t think

Four years have come and gone, it doesn't feel that long
and thanks to you I am, I am a better man

All that you’re saying, is please keep relaying
The message we all need, that we’re strong but still weak
Every day I fall harder for you,
despite all the struggles and pain we’ve been through
And all that I know, is I enjoy being with you.